Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is this lip stick my color?

This Nanny was licking the protein tub. When she looked up at me I thought it looked like someone put lip stick on her. LOL
I haven't felt like writing in this journal. I have times that I fight depression.
Hubby spent 2 days last week in the hospital. The doctor sent him by ambulance to the e.r thought he was having a heart attack. Thank goodness it wasn't. Doctor said , Acid reflux, irritated esophagus. They gave him medication for it, if this doesn't help they will do an upper GI.
He still hasn't felt well this week. He slept all day Sunday and that's not like him. I think it was brought on by stress.


madcobug said...

Cute picture. Yes it does look like lipstick. Acid reflux has sent me to the hospital a couple of times. Now I take something just every day for that problem. Sickness in a family can bring on depressiong quickly.
I hope you both feel better soon. Hugs, Helen

Celeste said...

Thank you so much for your call. Even with all that is going on you found the time... Yes I wold say stress has a lot to do with what is wrong with him. Sex helps stress! LOL I will pray for yall.

Paula said...

Yep thats a good color lipstick. Hope you both feel better soon.

Kelly said...

Now that picture just sent me to laughing pretty good Terrie! :) I am with you on the depression issues. The weather has been partly to blame. Days on end of clouds, drizzle and its just downright ugly outside. For us folks that love to be outside, it makes us depressed. When I went to Mr Abrams this afternoon to get hay he said the same thing, it just really gets him depressed. I looked at the radar and there is just miles and miles of more cloudcover. I am glad your husband is okay and it wasnt a heart attack.