Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lucy had 7 puppies today. I'm not sure yet what they are because Blanka started a fight with Lucy stomping on and rolling the puppies in the dirt. When they moved their fight to the other side of the barn I scooped the pups up in my arms and moved them out of the barn. Hubby and son in law came running because I was screming at the dogs. Hubby took Blanka out of the fence into the yard. Lucy was very up set and just wonted her puppies back so I lefted her alone with them. Blanka is in a pen to herself! Time out!


madcobug said...

Guess Lucy was fighting to protect her pups. Poor thing probably didn't have that much energy to fight. Glad that you moved the other dog. She was probably just curious about those pups and Mom didn't want her around. Helen

Celeste said...

oh dear. fast thinking on your part!