Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost Dog

This is Bear. I was sad this morning when I looked out my window, like I have done for the past three weeks. This morning he wasnt there. A neighbor came by at the end of May. She had found a Great Pyrenees dog and just knew it was mine. She was sad that she hadn't found its owner and asked that I take the dog with me because her neighbor wonted to call the pound. I looked at this large 100 lb dog
and wondered how in the world would I get him in my van? One tug at his collar and he climb right in. He and I drove around to a few houses that I knew had Pyrenees dogs with no luck. I post adds on the Internet, local radio, and posters at the feed store. The only calls I got was from a few people wonted to adopt him. He was a very sweet dog. I thought of keeping him but Jake and he didn't get along. He got out one day and they got into a fight. I was worried about both of them getting hurt. He also made the 5th dog here and I just didn't need any more. I decided it was best for him and more fair to have a home with less dogs and more time. I call the lady that wonted to adopt him and she picked him up yesterday afternoon. She was very excited and already owned a female Pyrenees. I hope he is very happy there, but I find that I do miss him.


madcobug said...

I hope Bear shows up soon. Good for you finding the new dog a home. I hope he enjoys being with his new family. Helen

Kelly said...

I am sorry Bear has gone missing, I sure hope he will come back soon. You did a good thing finding that dog a good home. You have a big heart! :)