Sunday, February 1, 2009

Two of the kids keeping warm in the old dog house we found. Old dog houses are graet for the kids to hide in I have two of them. They also have 3 barrels truned on their side to sleep in this keeps them out of the wind.

I have 12 kids now. There is around 12 nannies still left to give birth.


Celeste said...

They are adorable

Kath said...

Oh they look so cuddly I love them Terrie.They look content in there own little hiding place LOL!!I don't know why but your postings don't show on my dashboard.I just have to keep looking to see if you have posted and I only just found this one,so sorry for the late comment.Better late than never.Great picture as usual.Keep up the good work you do a great job.Hope the girls and hubby and all the family are well.Hope the birthing goes well too when it is time.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Kelly said...

Thats the first thing I got was a dog house for my two billies. I imagine the wind is just as bad there as it is here...relentless, so everyone has to have shelter. Those babies are just precious. :) I found a home for those guineas...its been so nice and quiet here Hugs, Kelly