Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interesting Tree at The Circle B.
We worked on fences all day Sunday. The bull here was walking though them. He chased hubby around the neighbor's garage. He got sent to the sale barn ,to scared he would hurt someone. We moved all the cows at Mr Lea's place to (Bohanon's) Circle B next door. They where back before we where LOL. Oh Well big boy is gone so maybe they will stay in.
Today was going to be my first day back at work but due to bad weather school was closed. Today is the oldest child first day back at collage, She is going at night so I have to start staying with FIL right after work 4 days a week. I have had a month break, so maybe it will be better. He was very ugly to me and hurt my feelings so I haven't been around him much.
I have struggled with somethings and I just I have to learn to let some of it go. Everything changes whether its for the good or the bad I guess we have to accept it and go on.


madcobug said...

Yes that tree is very interesting. Good idea to get rid of that dangerous bull. I would think your FIL is probably missing his wife and feels bitter about it all. I hope he gets better soon and starts acting right. Hugs, Helen

Paula said...

John has never had a problem with a bull being mean. You always hear they don't like red but I wear that color lots of times and walk among the cattle. Sorry your f-i-l hurt your feelings. Hope he never does it again.

Kelly said...

Good thing you got all that work done on the fencing. Just as we have a couple of days to dry out, now they predict tomorrow will be rain filled. I am sorry your FIL was mean to you and hurt your feelings. Hopefully staying away from him has made him realize what he did, or if not, and it continues maybe its best to just come out and tell him he is hurting you. I hope things get better between the two of you. Hugs, Kelly