Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dirty job

Where is my front door?
This is what 5 loads of dirt look like,
I'm not sure if more is coming or not.
This is not a complaint believe me
"You don't look a gift horse in the mouth."
(I wounder where that saying came from?
Dose that mean if someone gave you a horse
you don't open its mouth and check its teeth for how old it is?)
Any way free dirt!
When we moved here 8 years ago it was $250 a load.
So we are very happy to get dirt.
Hubby is going to fix the yard smooth it out and
cover rocks to grow grass.
Who's going to cut this grass we are going to grow?
His answer let the goats do it for you.
So we will have green grass, junk cars, old wood, gas cans, and goats in the yard.
Goats as lawn mowers means no flowers, oh well who has time anyway. This is October the 15,2008.
We will see how long the dirt is blocking the front door
before it is spread out in the yard.
Anyone wont to make bets?

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Kath said...

I don't think hubby will want to look at that pile long Terrie.Keeping my fingers crossed for you he makes a quick start.Good grief afraid I wouldn't know where to LOL!! Great piture you ahve shared.Have alovely Thursday lots of us on here having problems not just with Blogger but AOHELL too,so if I am ever away from commenting you know AOL have lost my connection again OK!!Some not getting postings thru others are. Take Care God Bless Kath.